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Chantal Kassarjian

Chantal Kassarjian is a Lebanese designer and animator of Armenian descent, based in New York City. Her cultural heritage is intricately woven into her design aesthetic and the polemic subjects she chooses to tackle. Having explored both the realms of graphic design and animation, her style is a patchwork of disciplines, techniques, and ideas. Her work embodies her playful artistic process and conveys her love for illustration, typography, photomontage, and motion arts.

Sami Karam

Sami Karam is a Lebanese-Canadian graphic designer currently based in Stuttgart, Germany. His weapon of choice: keeping one eye open on the world of today and another turned towards the heritage of the past. Currently working in the multifaceted realm of exhibition design, he finds himself in a continuous process of exploring how his graphics could serve as immersive elements in order to narrate a specific plot within a given spatial surrounding.

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