"Moonstruck Blocks" by Blocksfinj
by Yeşim Özsoy, translated from Turkish by Buğra Giritlioğlu (with the help of Daniel Scher)

i’m swimming in a sea charged with silence.
unaware of the sediments in my body,
imagining i’ll reach some place,
in the certitude of a sea’s vast body which cannot be boxed up and shrunk,
in a sea, forever bereft of color,
with my small dream boxes, never concealed,
i miss the boundlessness of a dream.

i succumbed and shrank as tiny ants
writhing before a wild wind,
in a sea’s colorless, silent comfort
with a longing for nothing but love and in return for pagefuls of tears
i sold my boxes.

with the shame of not knowing, not wanting to know,
i spewed all my boxes into a sea’s colorlessness.
if i could change it,
give it color with my thirst,
reaching for the mussel on the sea floor
in a real silence,
bathed in a color different than this,
far away from any certitude,
i would not even imagine returning to breathe…

Yeşim Özsoy

Yeşim Özsoy, writer/director/performer, founded GalataPerform and initiated the New Text New Theater Project aimed at developing playwriting in Turkey. She has written, directed, and produced numerous plays, which have been translated into English, French, German, Catalan, Russian and Italian, and have earned her several awards. Her two poetry books are Unseemly and Green Jinn. Her latest play Yüz Yılın Evi (House of Hundred), a co-production with Germany’s Maxim Gorki Theater and Switzerland’s Theatre Neumarkt, was staged at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2019 and selected by the Guardian as one of the ten must-sees from among 3500 candidates.

Buğra Giritlioğlu

Buğra Giritlioğlu is a Turkish poet who holds a BS (Cornell) and MS (MIT) in Materials Science & Engineering, and an MA in Ethnomusicology (Istanbul Technical University). He has taught world music at Boğaziçi University. In addition to his two books of original poetry (2016, 2019), his translations appear in Asymptote, Chicago Review, Exchanges, Mantis (Stanford University), and Middle Eastern Literatures. His poems have been translated into Azerbaijani, Dutch, English, Georgian, Kurmanji, and Zazaki. An avid choir singer and amateur pianist, Giritlioğlu has sung with many choirs in the USA, UK (BBC Symphony Chorus), Netherlands (Laurenscantorij), and Turkey.

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