"Yom el Zift - Fish Rain" by Eleonora Gatto & Nader Tabri
Eleonora Gatto

Eleonora Gatto took to photography in 2011 in Cairo, documenting the revolution and starting the series Sofa culture in Middle East, which then extended to Palestine, Iraqi Kurdistan and Lebanon. In Nabi Saleh, Palestine, her interest in the role of women in popular struggle culminated in the portrait series Palestinian women are planting seeds of resistance. Her current project, Where does the sky end?, investigates the sense of loss and alienation under the neoliberal (de) construction of Beirut.

Nader Tabri

Nader Tabri’s multi-disciplinary approach to storytelling started with a career in film and media. Having explored different facets of television, film, and theatre production, they moved on to illustration and writing in 2015. Their narratives, often experimental and free-associative, reflect themes of depression, alienation, existential angst, escapism and their relationship with structures of power. They’ve also performed at poetry slams and drag shows in Beirut since 2013, telling stories on gender, childhood, culinary tragedies, constipation, and imaginary friends.

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