The Broken Castle

And you told me,
Let's rearrange our fears
So we can build a room
To dance away the night.
So you started
Walking on the tightrope
That is your life,
And you started piling up
What you dread the most.
And I followed your lead
Because you have always
Been guiding the way.
And as the years
Ticked by,
Falling like a galactic
Chain reaction of dominoes,
We ended up
Looking at a castle
With thousands of ball rooms
And a ridiculous amount
Of fancy furniture.
So you crowned me
With your insecurities
And I you with my mischief,
And we became
The broken rulers
Of the sorry remnants
Of our cancerous,
Modern, society.

Mark Msallem

Mark Msallem is a pre-med biology senior at University of Balamand. He's not a prodigy or an inventor. He’s not what you want your kids to be, so if there are any parents reading this, he’s sorry to burst your bubble. He just enjoys writing poetry. It’s the first time he writes a bio in the third person, and he’s so creeped out. Obviously he likes poems and art.

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