for Yazidi Women



us whiter and holy

         we will assemble the bones


memory of the past

stories trusted to oil bloodied lips

from burnt olive trees dripping

down to fingertips


the iridescent crescent

beat of a song that sings blue

but it drums like god listen

allah allah allah

a sigh of something beautiful

          you will be witness


to the many stages of the end


   the many stages of resurrection


vision dazzles

 sun and darkened moon are one

ignore hereafter for herenow

your collarbone escapes you

leg wound around leg



gives life to the dead


Nour Kamel

Nour Kamel is perfectly lit and writes things in Cairo, Egypt. Kamel works as a writer and editor, studied at the University of East Anglia with a year abroad at the University of Missis-sippi, is a Winter Tangerine workshop alumnus, and was shortlisted for the Brunel International African Poetry Prize in 2018. Kamel writes about identity, language, sexuality, queerness, gender, oppression, femininity, trauma, family, lineage, globalization, loss, and food.

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