The Birth of Paper is a work of "distance theater" with virtual and mail elements, created by the Pittsburgh-based company RealTime Interventions and presented

Somewhere in the airspace above the English Channel, Palestinian actor Hadi Al-Shawish is on a flight to his next gig in London when Air

Baltimore was developed chiefly with Masrah Ensemble in Beirut, Lebanon, and Page 73 in New Haven, Connecticut, in 2014. Fadi Tofeili translated a version

The first workshop of Photosynthesis took place in Berlin at the Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte on August 22, 2018 through a collaboration with Masrah Ensemble.

Illustration by Ibrahim Kombarji Characters Yasma Early twenties. Naji Yasma's father, in his fifties. Fernande Barakat A single mother of two, in her late thirties. Playful, daring.

ZAMAN(( زمن :"a time, season, or period. In this case, "bad times.")) Characters Yousef Early twenties.Ali Early twenties. Lights up on Yousef who is making