Youthful Cities Programme

Not Much Longer Now

This short film, Not Much Longer Now, is the product of a months-long collaboration between writers in Beirut and Coventry, UK through the Youthful Cities Programme. In response to the larger question of what youth expect from their city, Beirut’s six writers wrote and directed Not Much Longer Now, an exploration of the history of Lebanon’s trains and a reflection of a collective sense of liminality, loss, uprootedness, and navigating uncertainty.

Rusted Radishes is pleased to introduce you to this team of six outstanding Beirut-based writers under the age of 25. In coordination with Rusted Radishes, they are partaking in the Youthful Cities Programme, in which they and six young writers from Coventry, UK are in the process of writing a piece that will be performed at the BBC Contains Strong Language Festival in Autumn, 2021. Read their interviews in which they answer five questions about life and writing.