We Missed Our Carriage


     We sat together during recess

     Purple nails laughing on the piste

     of your knee, a lifespan of wild whale laughters



Friends in uniforms as twins

Big-tooth, dumb-love


Distance makes us crave milk our bones no longer need

We are old now

Not in rocking chairs


                                               We wrote with fingers in the fog

                                               Signed imaginary names on a willow

                                               We weren’t kids, simply spirited


As time passed our hugs retired

It hurts when we’re just an Image

Can you help me find what fell?


It’s too abstract to search for something Cubist


                      We are people we don’t know

                      Conversations are hard to knit

                      Without alphabets



Stranger, can you thread the skeletal?

I saved our fossils in Matryoshka dolls

To remember our childhood

And not to be surprised the next time we grow


Dahlia Baeshen

Explores topics that are sometimes controversial, be they social issues, gender inequality, or diving deep into the psychological realm. At the same time, she weaves together surreal and magical elements. She is very passionate, not only in her writing, but also in experiencing life. She studied Communications and Film Theory at the American University in Paris and continued with an MFA in Creative Writing from California College of the Arts in San Francisco. She is interested in human development, culture and the arts.

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