dedicated to Jean Assy


Always the one driving

others to the airport –

never the one boarding

a plane,

I watch passengers

walk idly by

from one


to the next.


Jesus would’ve asked me

to turn the other cheek

though you only ever ask me

to ignore and be happy.


But I can’t rise

each time I trip

over my own


I can only engage

in banal



So I’ll trade you my heart

for one of your kidneys

if you’d give me one of your lungs

in exchange for my liver.

We’d keep this organ-barter

going back and forth till

it becomes

unclear where each

organ belonged

so that perhaps

when your heart beats

I’d feel it pound

in my chest,

and when I would

take a deep breath

your own perfume

would percolate

in and out

of your lungs

as we both


solitude sublimated

is the wiser solution

for most problems;


it’s just

one person


of making it


Jessy Bissal

Jessy Bissal is a 25 year-old Armenian Lebanese currently living in Lebanon. She earned her BA in English Literature, Minor in Creative Writing, and M.A. in English Literature from the American University of Beirut. At present, she is a University Instructor, teaching English at various institutions in Lebanon (AUB, LAU, NDU). Poetry is something she does on the side. She never has, nor ever will make poetry her 'job' because if she were ever to do that, she feels she would have tainted the one release that brings her such joy in her spare time. That said, finding the time to write is easy for Jessy, because she never forces herself to sit down and write; she writes when the words suffocate her and slither their anaconda-body around her neck, pull tightly against her lungs and force her to spit them out.

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