This idea of us being one is not like how I chose us in our nothingness of touch and cream, the realm or dream of the two of us


                               what’s so special about pairs?


We taste cold. Tongues, like iceberg we cut. Cut through fine sheets of cotton and tulips. Hips turn to Saturn, Uranus, your highness! The moon is at your front door but you’re at your neighbor’s       you sold what you called “home”


Whenever she was angry she made tomato soup

He ate ramen




Burped bricks, split ends, sunglasses and sound systems. Smell of kitchen in my hair. Life in my eyes and ears. Hearing headaches of an experience. Heartaches of joy.


The time I drank IPA. The rays of sun shined through whatever you called your

steel arms but I didn’t steal the time that was left, we had left things behind that



You swore to me you would still love me, and I gave you asparagus because

I didn’t have flowers


Dahlia Baeshen

Explores topics that are some-times controversial, be they social issues, gender inequality, or diving deep into the psychological realm. At the same time, she weaves together surreal and magical elements. She is very pas-sionate, not only in her writing, but also in ex-periencing life. She studied Communications and Film Theory at the American University in Paris and continued with an MFA in Creative Writing from California College of the Arts in San Francisco. She is interested in human devel-opment, culture and the arts.

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