Rajaz-The Bedouin’s Life

Ayham Jabr

Ayham Jabr was born in Damascus, Syria. Working mainly as a video editor for TV Series and films, he is also passionate about graphic design, photography, and digital and analog collage. His love for science fiction films, stories, and theories are a main source of inspiration behind his primarily digital art works. Ayham has exhibited in many exhibitions in 2016; the 300štvorcov cooperative with Mazipos in Serbia, Romania, Slovakia, Mexico and Germany alongside more than 70 artists from around the world; Chapter 31 at the P21 Gallery in London UK; The Syrian Experience As Art at the Castleton University Art Gallery, USA; and Christine's Gallery in USA in 2017. He had his first solo exhibition, Damascus Under Siege in Café Beirut and in Project of Gries Bath Gallery, Ulm, Germany in 2016.

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