Planet X

I want to breathe
a new form of air
one that satiates your lungs
with purity to cleanse
all sense of toxins

I want to walk
on new streets
ones that my feet marvel
at their authenticity and newness
and enjoy new footsteps
as they conduct harmonies
to and fro

I want to embrace bodies whose core
burns with elation, one that transfers
itself to yours

I want to kiss lips whose softness
melts the toughest of hearts
whose wetness quenches
the greatest of deserts

I want to lay next to him
one whose magical powers
paralyze all sense of my insecurities
burying them under layers of love and affection                                                         that he has shown me day and night
With every morning kiss and nightly embrace

I want to eat thoughts that fly over the norm                                                               and above realities
Thoughts that spice up
any dull serving of adult life

I want to lose myself
in places where the walls speak
in masterpieces of art
and bloom in patches of nature

I want to be with you
as you hold my hand and walk                                                                                     on that thin line
balancing between ethics
and the beautiful
world of recklessness

I want to rest at the end of the day                                                                            and marvel at the vast space above
as the sky invites me
to exist amidst
its glowing stars
and melt into its very own

Maria Etre

Maria Etre copywrites for a living, and writes for her other self. She lives in Beirut, the most chaotic, sexy, and beautiful city that meets her mess within. She enjoys a good drink and an intriguing face-to-face conversation (she misses those). Her muses visited her on a sleepless night in August 2014 and it all snowballed from then. She believes that sharing the personal is the strongest bond that can be created among strangers.

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