Post op

for Marilyn Hacker


Outside, the clouds part

and a cold sun silvers

the sea. Inside,


as butterflies and swimming women

surrender the mantelpiece

to polar bear cubs and bright berries,


I lie on the sofa reading

the Qur’an, a heart-shaped cushion

tucked under my arm.


Like caviar-hunters, the surgeons

have filleted my chest, scooped out

every last suspect cell.


Their blue dye haloes my nipple:

for a year my breast will weep

lapis lazuli tears.


Online, a man

with eyes of dark fire

says he admires my courage.


I am not brave.

All I have done is submit

to the will of the seasons, embrace


an untranslatable change.

Naomi Foyle

An award-winning British-Ca-nadian writer based in Brighton UK. Her pub-lications include The Gaia Chronicles, a science fiction quartet set in a post-fossil fuel Mesopota-mia, and the essay ‘Palestine and (Human) Na-ture’ (Critical Muslim), about her 2016 visit to eco-projects in the West Bank and refugee camps in Lebanon. In 2017, she co-translated Wounds of the Cloud by Yasser Khanger (Jeru-salem), and edited the bilingual anthology A Blade of Grass: New Palestinian Poetry (UK). Seven of her poems, including Post-Op, were translated into Arabic for her reading at the 2018 Babylon Festival for International Cultures and Arts (Babil, Iraq).

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