When I was a kid
My mother used to make me sit and color

In one of those queer looking coloring books

 And I did

But then she’d come back And she’d tell me
“Entre les lignes, ya mama”

Between the lines

“Colorie entre les lignes”

Color between the lines

And I tried
But I couldn’t
Color between the lines

The lines

“Les lignes ya mama”
“Il faut colorier entre les lignes”
You have
the lines
Color between the lines
........................The lines
You have to

And I tried

But I couldn’t

I didn’t like

The lines
But I had to                                                                                                                         Color between

.....The lines

The lines
“Pas comme ça ya mama!”
Let me show you
She kept on saying
Reminding me of my failure to conform                                                                         The lines, mama, the lines
They keep on surrounding me

The lines

You have to color between them
But I can’t ya mama
I can’t
I don’t understand ya mama
Why do I have to color between the lines?
They don’t like me ya mama
And I don’t like them
So why do I have

To the lines

Color between
Ya mama
Why do you make me do this
Ya mama

Woody Hojeily

Woody Hojeily is a Biology and Computer Science student at AUB “Frenchie” with a love for English literature. He is a Harley Quinn fanatic who doesn’t really like the Joker. Too Lebanese to be Western but too French to be Arab, Woody Hojeily is an abundance of contradictions, most of which he enjoys reflecting on in his poetry.

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