Internship Opportunities

Internships are prioritized for students from the American University of Beirut, although we accept applications from anyone interested. All internships last for a one-year cycle (one cycle of the journal) and require 5-10 hours per week. Current open positions need to be filled immediately. Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to info@rustedradishes.com expressing how this internship will be useful to you and what you can offer to our team.

Web Manager

This year, the journal was published online for the first time, and we need a web manager to manage our new site. This person should be a current AUB student who has a strong work ethic, meets deadlines, and facility using computers. This person will work directly with the Editor-in-Chief. The tasks include the following:

  • Write and edit copy for our site including applications that are linked to it (Submittable and Patreon)
  • Upload content onto the site
  • Propose and execute ways to bring more traffic to the site
  • Manage our contacts lists
  • Write monthly newsletters
  • Manage any queries that are sent through the site including through Submittable or Patreon
  • Give feedback on the functionality of the site
  • Research possible advertisements for the site
  • Tasks as they arise regarding the site
  • Connect with editor on a regular basis

Business and Distribution Manager

We have an open position for Business and Distribution Manager. This person should be a current student at AUB. She/He will work directly with the Editor-in-Chief. The tasks include the following:

  • Manage points of sales (POS) (database, collection of sales revenue, distribute journals, etc)
  • Manage consignments and invoices
  • Light accounting
  • Find new places (local and international) to distribute the journal (for sale, in libraries, or for marketing purposes)
  • Discover events, festivals, or fairs where there is an opportunity for journal distribution
  • Collaborate with Community Outreach staff for events
  • Liase with all staff members for different purposes (i.e. Social Media Manager for Marketing purposes online, etc.)
  • Manage PayPal account
  • Communicate new channels of distribution or POS to Web Editor to post online
  • Network with local NGO's, schools, festivals, writing centers, art galleries, etc. to collaborate and devise ways to proliferate the journal
  • Keep stock of our inventory
  • Responsible for following up with distribution points about stock
  • Attends regular meetings
  • Participates in team activities

Assistant Art Editor

We have an open position for Assistant Art Editor. This person should be a current student at AUB preferably from the Fine Arts department or with applicable art background. She/He will work directly with the Art Editor as well as the Editor-in-Chief. The tasks include the following:

  • Solicit and review/comment on all art submissions
  • Participate in the process of artwork selection with the Art Editor
  • Organize information for all submissions
  • Communicate with artists
  • Curate one art exhibition or project for Rusted Radishes artists
  • Attend regular meetings

Participate in team activities