Going South

To the land of cemeteries
We went,
Under rain
Dispatching Rainbows that end abruptly.
Led by a body charioted by Quranic verses
The sons followed.

As they dig and scratch the pavements of my streets to find pipes
We dug Hollow Grounds beneath a crumbling fortress to lay the memories of the father,
Surrounded by the grieving, the living, and the opportunists.
The sons live on
The sons now touch the ground,
They will plant future seeds.

Fathers next to fathers
Next to spouses and brothers
Next to sisters
Next to loved ones
Next to those swept by history.

Assem Bazzi

Assem Bazzi A founding member of el-Yafta and a performer in Haven for artists and Poetic License, Assem Bazzi has been contributing in the poetry performance scene in Beirut since the summer of 2011. He recently graduated from LAU with an English Literature BA and hopes to pursue a graduate studies degree abroad in the same field. He can mostly be found spending his time in Hamra, whether in Café Younes during the day or the Makdisi bar scene at night.

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