The first workshop of Photosynthesis took place in Berlin at the Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte on August 22, 2018 through a collaboration with Masrah Ensemble.

Characters Yasma Early twenties. Naji Yasma's father, in his fifties. Fernande Barakat A single mother of two, in her late thirties. Playful, daring. Marlene and Olivier Fernande

ZAMAN(( زمن :"a time, season, or period. In this case, "bad times.")) Characters Yousef Early twenties. Ali Early twenties. Lights up on Yousef who is making the

  Translated from the Amharic by Nafkote Tamirat The English translation of Yekermo Sew was developed, in part, through a collaboration with Masrah Ensemble in Beirut, Lebanon,