Baltimore was developed chiefly with Masrah Ensemble in Beirut, Lebanon, and Page 73 in New Haven, Connecticut, in 2014. Fadi Tofeili translated a version

The first workshop of Photosynthesis took place in Berlin at the Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte on August 22, 2018 through a collaboration with Masrah Ensemble.

Illustration by Ibrahim Kombarji Characters Yasma Early twenties. Naji Yasma's father, in his fifties. Fernande Barakat A single mother of two, in her late thirties. Playful, daring.

ZAMAN(( زمن :"a time, season, or period. In this case, "bad times.")) Characters Yousef Early twenties.Ali Early twenties. Lights up on Yousef who is making

By Tsegaye Gabre-Medhin and Translated from the Amharic by Nafkote Tamirat The English translation of Yekermo Sew was developed, in part, through a collaboration with Masrah